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Law and Tech are the hype today. If you follow the legaltech market (or lawtech, as you may prefer to call it), you will find a bunch of startups and new technologies popping up, with their main goal to help lawyers, law firms and legal departments to enter in this new digital era.

This solutions are the result of the joint efforts of experienced law practitioners and developers who, together, built amazing softwares that many lawyers did not even know they needed it.

On the other hand, lawyers rush to learn the tech area jargon, enroll in programming classes and struggle to find themselves amidst so many new solutions in the market.

In the meantime, a new professional category was born: the tech-expert lawyer. This professional can navigate well in the digital world and seeks to advise law firms and lawyers on the best market solutions to their technology issues.

Tech-lawyers everywhere!

A new "tribe" ¶

Amidst so many new tendencies and categories of digital law practitioners, there is a new "tribe", yet small but with a very different proposal and background: the lawyer-developer. They are those who, instead of following a law career or a programming one, chose to do both. And this is also my profile.

When you follow so many tech and legal "influencers", you can easily notice that only a few of them can properly do both. I believe that, as me, there are other lawyer-developers out there (or at least some enthusiasts in this niche) that like the idea of having a safe ground to discuss technology applied to the legal field in a way that is between (i) the superficial approach - a "beginners" one used by those who are self-entitled tech lawyers / innovation lawyers - and (ii) a more "technical" or "heavy" approach used by "pure" developers.

This blog does not intend to teach anyone to code, since there are a lot of good stuff out there on this matter, but we want to talk about technology applied to law in a more practical and accessible way, from a developer's (who is also a lawyer) perspective.
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