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Do you want to know a bit more about the work done by those who write here at In this page you will find some info and links to projects in which I am currently working at, incluing projects mentioned here in this site.

Mevio: Workflow automation ¶

Mevio is workflow automation platform in which you can create complex and automatic flowcharts to any processes on your company.

Workflow automation in Mevio   

This project was initially conceived to automate repetitive tasks in law firms (at the time, mainly on due diligence work), but in a short period of time, its focus was broaden to also encompass work routines and internal processes of any kind of company.

HubJur: Find a lawyer with the help of AI ¶

HubJur was born in 2015 as a marketplace platform in which lawyers and clients could find each other and generate businesses. This project was up for quite some time and was able to generate a pretty interesting base of legal cases and lawyers.

New HubJur: AI to find the best lawyer to your problem

After some comebacks in the company, the HubJur project was entirely remade in 2020, now as a mobile application.

The new HubJur allows anyone with a problem to find the best lawyer for the case base on geolocation and by sending the problem either in written or via audio, which is then interpreted with AI, by a classification model trained by more than 4-years-worth of real cases in our systems.

After sending the problem and the respective AI analysis, people can then contact the lawyer of his/her choosing directly through WhatsApp.

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